About Us

What we do:

HAUSCRAFT is an architect led design build company. We integrate the design and construction processes to craft dwellings with synergy between inhabitant, community, and natural environment. We are a licensed Class A General Contractor and Architect in the State of Virginia.

We build housing on the fringe of cutting edge and conventional, always seeking to improve where there is real benefit to the customer and the environment. We make place with our structures and create buildings that foster community among the inhabitants and the surrounding context.

Contact Us:

We love to work with our clients early in the project evaluation process. If you're thinking about a design build project, give us a buzz!

ask (at) hauscraftdb.com

434-Nine Eight Nine-0673


Core Values:

Integrity: Truth in word and action.

Authenticity: Focus on function, content, material honesty and elegance in form.

Stewardship: Responsible management of human, financial, and natural resources.

Collaboration: Working alongside thought leaders to pioneer better building methods.

Community: Enriching the communities in which we work.